Heyyyyyyy! I’m Libby and I live in the beautiful Isle of Man with my husband and 2 little girls.

I started my Instagram page @babytoddlerfoods in 2015 when my youngest was 6 months old and I was starting to wean her. I love Instagram, there were so many amazing recipes for me to try and It was great for documenting recipes I’d recreated as well as made up myself.

Fast forward a few years and although my girls are both well over the weaning stage they’re still fussy AF 🤣
I think that if even they don’t appreciate the food I make, then someone else might and then it’s not such a waste of time hahaha!

If you try any of my recipes and they’re a hit, please tag me in, if love to see it! (if they’re not, don’t, I get enough of that negativity from my kids! 🤣🤣)

I’m a massive fan of using local, fresh produce whenever possible but I also love a frozen fish finger and takeaway 🙌🏻
Thanks for reading – I hope you get some ideas from here and a recipe your family will enjoy!

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