I have had the BEST weekend!

I’m working with @visitisleofman to show whatever your holiday / staycation
situation – family, friends, couples – there is something for EVERYONE on
our beautiful Island 🇮🇲

On Saturday, 6 of my gorgeous friends and I walked section 3 of the Island’s
100-mile coastal footpath, the Raad ny Foillan (Manx for ‘Way of the Gull’)
from Port St Mary to Port Erin (the path is broken down into 12 sections to
make it more manageable).

The weather was perfect, the belly laughs were plentiful and the fresh sea
breeze in our lungs was lush. The stunning coastline never fails to take
your breath away. We didn’t see any seals yesterday but there were lambs,
rabbits and seabirds.

This stunning path took us past breathtaking scenery. We walked past The
Chasms and to The Sound. We had a pit stop at @thesoundcafe for lunch and
drinks. I cannot think of a cafe with more beautiful views than The Sound
Cafe. There are panoramic views across the Calf of Man with loads of indoor
and outdoor seating. There’s loads of choice for food, both full meals and
light bites and they use local meat, cheese and bread 🏻

We filled our tummies before continuing our journey to Port Erin, ending on
possibly the best beach on the Island

We grabbed the bus from Port Erin to Castletown and went to
@thesecretpizzaco for tea. The vibe in SPC is amazing, the staff are
beautiful and there are loads of different pizzas, chips and sides to choose
from, again utilising loads of Manx produce 🏻 the cocktail menu is pretty
special too!

We had such a lovely day and are planning to complete the whole of the Raad
ny Foillan coastal walk over the summer as we loved section 3 so much.

It really was the most wonderful day literally happy heart vibes all day.

There is so much to do with friends on the Island. A free day, a staycation
or a few hours……. you can make the most of your time with friends with
loads of Isle of Man activities.

What’s your favourite way to spend time with friends?

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