Always a hands down winner.

Like, honestly I do love making meals from scratch and I do get a buzz when I make a new healthy tasty recipe and the girl’s eat it………

But this right here is always a hands down winner. Clean plates all round and my tired head is happy 🏻

And I am actually mum goals right here – alpha bites = full tummies and education in one bite – CHECK ME OUT over here, just smashing it ️

I love that @nat_wiseman calls this ‘freezer tapas’ 🤣

By the way, get yourself to @robinsonsiom for their chicken goujons (I’ll add what brand when I find it) the girl’s LOVE them – proper meat chicken bites 🏻

Tonight Matthew, I shall be sitting on my arse and catching up on last night’s @britishbakeoff 🏼

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