Friends in high places.

When your mate owns an ice-cream and chocolate shop your kids get the BEST Easter eggs

Thank you @greigd1 for the girls cute AF chocolate hedgehogs. It’s officially the Easter holidays so we got straight in 🤣🤣

Did a little swapsie and made G and his family a brownie pizza. Reckon we got the best deal!

This isn’t an AD but I’ll still tell you that @davisonsicecream have LOADS of funky eggs and other Easter treats (not just chocolate, I’ve seen some bunny biscuits hopping about too!) in their shop they’re so cute and it’s LOCAL guys 🇮🇲🇮🇲️️

#seasonal #gifted #butactuallyagift #swapsies #isleofman #shoplocal #eastereggs #chocoalate #thankyou

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