It’s the Easter holidays!

Last week was really tough, juggling work, home schooling and trying to keep the kids fed/ watered / occupied / alive 🤣

Food wise there’s wasn’t much fruit and veg on the go to be honest. We were just grabbing bits to keep us going. I certainly couldn’t be arsed making platters or big involved meals.

We were all very excited when my @robinsonsiom home delivery came yesterday. Loads of fresh fruit at brill prices and it’s come from the warehouse which is so cold and the fruit stays fresher for longer i find.

I’m absolutely loving their home deliveries, next day service! It’s so convenient and there’s so much choice!

Also had time this morning to make this breakfast platter. It doesn’t after what food I serve it always goes down so much better when they can pick their own portions. We all sit down together as well which is ace and have a good natter.

I bought all this fresh fruit in my home delivery and was kindly sent the pastries to try. I will defo buy them again. Perfect size for minis, baked from frozen and ready in 30 mins! (Search mini Danish pastries on their website)

Anyway, hope you’re having a good start to your Easter break everyone fingers crossed out lockdown here is lifted soon and the kids can get back to school soon after the hols 🤞🏻🤞🏻

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