Kids, who’d have ‘em. 🤣

Me, I would. All day long. Light of my life but WELL hard work! A lot of the time when it comes to eating…….

Back at the start of my feeding reluctant kids journey I used to make my original spag Bol recipe.

Think red wine, chopped carrots, onions, tinned tomatoes, nutmeg……..

Over the years it’s been whittled down to pretty much tomato sauce and mince mixed together due to various ‘ERGHHHH THERES BITS IN IT’ cries of disgust. Miss 7 would always eat it, miss 9….. well it was a struggle shall we say……

Anyway, fast forward to a few weeks ago in the summer holidays, when my gorgeous neighbour asked the girls round for tea….

It was spag Bol on offer but even though it wasn’t their fave the thought of having tea with their pals verses my homemade shepherds pie made it a no brainer for them…..

But FML when they came home absolutely BUZZING!

MUM MUM Kates bolognese is SO much better than yours! It has VEGGIES in it and everything! And we got to grate our own cheese on top!

Are you shitting me?! Anyway they ate it tonight……..

Don’t give up is what I’m saying, coz they’ll eat veggies at someone else’s house!

#mains #spagbol #hiddenveg #iftheylleatitatsomeoneselseshousethentheyregettingcarrotsathome

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