Raspberry and lemon ripple cake jars.

Not very good at the ‘decorating’ side of baking? Cupcakes always come out odd sizes? Cake in a jar is for you!!!

Usually the decorating side of baking is my fave, but it was my gorgeous friend @nicjboylan ‘s birthday and she had seen a cake in a jar she liked so I thought I’d try and recreate it for her!

It was actually so easy and she said it was really tasty and they looked really cute!

I made a batch of vanilla cupcakes. Any recipe will do, even a box mix if that’s your thing!

I layered broken up cake, drizzled with a lemon simple syrup, fresh raspberries (from @robinsonsiom) , raspberry jam and vanilla frosting.

You can make your own frosting or use ready made like I did.

The simple syrup was just 1/2 cup sugar with 1/2 cup water and ten juice of a lemon, warmed on the hob until the sugar is dissolved (keep in a jar in the fridge and it’s lush ina cocktail too!)

Tada! That’s is! Easy peasy Lemon squeezy! A perfect way to use up old jam jars. I also made one up in a @kilneruk jar which she can then reuse 🏻️

Don’t forget you can find all my recipes on my website- link in bio 🏻

Happy Saturday guys. It looks like it’s going to be a beautiful day here on The Isle of Man ️🇮🇲

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