Stocking up for the school hols!

I ️ @robinsonsiom and I spend my own money there and often book a home delivery or click and collect.

Yesterday I got sent some treats for the #kids school holidays as a #gift, very very kindly. There was no expectation from them for me to post, but why would I not?!

Especially at the moment when the UK delivery drivers are getting ‘pinged’ and in some shops there’s some shortage on the shelves.

Not for Robinson’s! Loads of local produce in abundance and the fruit and veg is flowing!

I’m personally not very comfortable going into shops at the moment and when I am I’m wearing a mask. Home delivery is the way forward for me. At Robinson’s you can get next day delivery – free! I think it’s a £50 spend or you can do click and collect, same day, with no minimum spend 🏻

You can literally get everything you need from @robinsonsiom – masks, hand sanitiser, fresh local products such as @iomcreamery, @rossbakeryiom @paulaskitcheniom @noabakehouseiom as well as fresh manx meat and fish and loads more! They always offer manx fruit and veg products when they’re available too 🇮🇲

There’s everything you need for the kids over summer for packed lunches and easy teas – crisps, ham, cheese, sweets, icecream, biscuits……… frozen nuggets, chips, veggies…….. cleaning products, toilet roll, pasta…….. gluten free, vegan product the lists are endless! There’s not just local produce, but food from around the world too! Perfect for getting the kids involved for helping you recipe plan and cook and bake over the summer 🏻

All delivered socially distanced and with a big smile under their masks 🏻

Anyway, not only is stock in abundance, and the service impeccable it’s a MANX COMPANY – lets #shoplocal and #dontletthelegsfalloff 🏻

#summerholidays #kidsthatcook #isleofman #localproduce #worldfood #robinsonsisleofman @rocky.moore.332

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