Sunday lunch is served 🏻.

TOP TIP – grazing platters on a Sunday means packed lunch prep is done too 🏻🏻


Forever their fave types of meals – just picking off a platter and eating.

Dead easy to sneak new foods in too. They both tried radish today. Neither liked it but they both asked to try 🏻

A sunny Sunday here on the Isle of Man so the girls had the leftovers in the garde with their pals in the @pickplates platter (GIFT)

All my ingredients (bar the @ritzcrackers and came on my @robinsonsiom home delivery order yesterday 🇮🇲🇮🇲

A Sunday well spent brings a week of content……… and your ready prepped packed lunches 🏼

I’m looking forward for ‘proper’ autumn to arrive now though. It’s the cold, crisp mornings, bonfires and hot chocolates for me

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