Unsolicited parenting advice incoming……

It’s time for my yearly piece of unsolicited Parenting advice! Anyone new to my page, you’ll thank me for this later………
I posted before but wanted to repost again this year to warn as many people as possible BEFORE ITS TOO LATE!!

Guys, I’ll never tell you how to parent. I’m a massive believer in you know what’s best for you and your kids…….. but let me give you some advice. If you don’t take my advice then I’ll have no sympathy for you – AT ALL

The one piece of advice that I wish I’d been given when I had kids .

The look of joy and the giggles of happiness your kids let off when they find what their naughty elf has been up to each morning WILL NOT make up for that feeling of dread and despair every night when you’re just dropping off and remember you forgot to move the stupid thing!!!!!

Heed my warning! Yes, you may think you’re clever and say that the elf only comes at the weekend. But your kids WILL get older and talk to other kids and will then ask why their friend’s elf comes every day (if they don’t have one at all you can just say Santa knows they’re good and doesn’t need to send a spy!)
You will dread December the first. Your life will be ruined………..

I’m not being dramatic.

This advice is far more important than any weaning / feeding / school / behaviour / phase advice you will receive regarding your parenting

Please take heed .
Or good enough for you……….

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