Watermelon ice pops .

The weather is finally getting warmer this week and these pops are the best treat for keeping cool! If @staceysolomon the queen of snacks says so, it must be true!
So quick and easy to make and perfect for little ones to help make as an activity too!
All you need to do is get a watermelon, cut into triangles and push in a lolly stick to each one. place on a baking tray on parchment paper to freeze for about 1/2 hour. .
In the meantime melt some chocolate (dark choc if you want this treat dairy free / vegan) and get some toppings. We have used sprinkles here but you can use chopped nuts, dried fruit etc…. or keep them plain like Stacy does 🏻

Get the watermelon from the freezer and dip into the melted choc and then decorate with sprinkles. Pop back in the freezer to store.

Be careful with little ones eating these as frozen fruit and be a chocking hazard. Maybe let it in freeze a little before serving 🏻

I was kindly #gifted a HUGE watermelon from @robinsonsiom last week and I’m going to make some of these again 🏻

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