What a lovely day.

This island is beautiful all the time but in the sunshine it’s Extra Stunning ️🇮🇲

An early morning walk down Dhoon Glen (could really have done with the little shed being open today @theshedlaxey ! Only 2 more days till drive through though – hooray!)

Back home and a picnic in the sunshine ️ that’s a baking tray with baking paper on it by the way – super classy 🤣

Loads of fresh fruit and veg and the FITTEST vegan crisps from @robinsonsiom @ten_acre_snacks and have you tried salt and vinegar peanuts? LUSH!

I made a reel about Dhoon Glen coz that’s what i do now 🤣🤣 go and check it out. Such a beaut walk!

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