When it rains look for rainbows……

When it’s dark look for stars……….

When your kids won’t eat the rainbow pizza you make, give them toast instead 🤣🤣

Ffs… here is the rainbow pizza that o couldn’t be arsed to make last night…. shouldn’t have bothered tonight either tbf 🤨🤪

Anyway if you think your kids may like this it is actually super easy to make, so doesn’t sting too much when they’re not into it.

All you need is a sheet of ready rolled puff pasty

Preheat oven to 220

Roll out the pastry and cut into a rainbow shape. Cut clouds out of the cut offs.

Place on baking tray

Cover the rainbow with tomato purée and grated mozzarella (or vegan alternative)

Add sliced tomatoes, orange pepper, tinned sweetcorn, spinach and red onion

Add the clouds to the bottom 🏻

Bake for 20 mins


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