Work hard, be kind…….

And amazing things will happen ️

First day back at school after the summer holidays deserves a themed lunch box, no?!

We have started using @sistemaplastics lunch boxes and they’re really good! The girls love them anyway 🏻

Today we have our usual banana quote with a pepperami, and a yogurt tube.

Top layer is –

a ‘ruler’ jam sandwich made using @mycakedecor edible colour pens,

an ‘apple’ made with a pretzel stick and a piece of wrap coloured in with the edible colour pen

️pencil biscuits, made with wafer biscuits, red and white icing and a dark Chocolate chip nib!

There’s some @ritzcrackers to go with the cheese and a trail mix of cereal, pretzels, raisins and chocolate chips as well a a fruit pot of mixed fresh berries (there’s a little lid that goes on top of the berries 🏻)

Will they easy all this? Probably not but the amount they have been putting away during the summer, I thought I’d be better safe than sorry!! Don’t want them hungry on their first day back!! And what they don’t eat at school I’m sure they’ll polish off afterwards 🏻

Anyway, if it’s your little one’s first day at school or nursery – god speed!! They’ll be fine I promise ️ may you all have burnt tongues today by forgetting that your brew is actually hot 🤣🤣

And if you’re a teacher THANK YOU!!

Ps. Just said to miss 6 ‘shall we draw those hearts on our hands today babe?’ She said ‘nah’ 🤣🤣.

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